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"You Create Your Information Product, 
We Take The Tech Hassles Off Your Plate"

You've created (or are creating) your information product to sell online. Now you need a web site, sales pages, buy buttons and download delivery of your virtual products. Technology can be a real headache that holds a lot of people back. Consider our Tech Done-For-You Options. You create the content and we get it up on a site for you.

We recommend a Wordpress site for you because ... 

  • Flexibility - It's super simple to change the entire look of your web site without losing all your content. This gives you lots of versatility in the future. If you'd like to invest in a super-professional look for your site later down the road, it will be simple to make that happen.
  • Ease of Use - It's not hard for you to learn to make your own additions and changes if you wish
  • Visibility - Wordpress gives you blog capabilities, which helps your site get listed on search engines... meaning more eyeballs on your site, and more sales for you!
Done for You Options Building Upon Your Existing Site Starting from Scratch
Who It's For You already have a Wordpress site and only want help setting up your information-product related pages, Don't have a web site yet? Let's get you a starter website up fast so you can start making money! Or maybe you've got an old one that needs to be upgraded to mobile-friendly.

Wordpress Installation and Setup

  • Theme installation
  • 1 hour of graphic design

Creation of

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Contact Page





Creation of Product Launch Pages

  • Product Sales Page
  • Product Thank You Page
  • Preview Presentation Sign-Up Page
  • Thank you page for Preview Sign-up Page
  • Thank you page for your Freemium delivery

Ecommerce / List Management Integration

  • Setup of your autoresponder ( or support) -- putting in all your thank you emails and linking to your site for people to receive preview presentation details, your freemium, and your product download info.
  • Creating your buy button and putting it on your sales page. (Paypal or 1ShoppingCart supported)
  • Putting any links for downloads of MP3's, videos or PDF's on your product and presentation thank you pages. (I recommend you store these files in an Amazon S3 account and can help you upload the files there)
  • Creating your sign-up forms for your free preview presentation and/or freemium
Introductory Offer
Want to talk about it first? Email with a few days/times you'd like to talk.
Monthly Website Maintenance Option
Up to an hour's worth of site updates each month