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Want to Stand Out From Your Competition?

Convey Your Company Culture & Story Through Social Media, Blogging and PR

Does keeping up with social media feel like a "necessary evil?" You know you need it, but making it work can be daunting. It takes a certain mindset, lots of creativity and time to do it right. But, when it is done correctly, you can reach more people, more economically than you ever could with traditional radio, TV and print advertising.

Having your own in-house social media team can be expensive. You need an affordable and effective alternative.

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People Do Business with People, Not Companies

So where does that leave you if you're a company? There is a way around it. Successful social media marketing is all about CONNECTION. Your company story is the competitive edge that will make you stand out in the marketplace. It builds the "know, like and trust" factor so people not only buy from you, but also send referrals.

Companies who CARE and who want to make a POSITIVE IMPACT are more personal. If you have a people-oriented company culture, please consider allowing us to craft a unique social media management strategy for your company that creates both a rippling positive impact and dynamic visibility.

Services We Offer

  • WordPress site creation and management
  • Crafting and managing social media campaigns including optimizing niche and geo-targeted Facebook ad campaigns
  • Creating strategic marketing and editorial calendars for your blogs, educational campaigns, and social media
  • Creating innovative and collaborative launches through social media which integrate Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blogging
  • Video and image quote creation and marketing
  • Managing your online PR campaigns which include content creation, curation, and marketing. SEO optimization,and online advertising
  • Creating custom Facebook audiences and retargeting campaigns
  • Creating education marketing campaigns that engage your audience
  • Developing and conducting live and virtual training classes on social media marketing, content creation, information product creation, product launches, etc.
  • Assisting you with customer research, strategic 90-day plans, social media marketing calendars, MicroNiche development, product creation, and accountability/mentoring
  • Creating and implementing educational outreach programs
  • Organizing teams of collaborators to implement social media strategies
  • Writing articles, press releases and blog entries
  • Engaging with followers on social media by crafting compelling posts and regularly conversing and answering questions
  • "Ghost" social media services

Geo-Targeting and Remarketing

Did you know you can reach your exact audience with Facebook? You can reach people by zip code, religious affiliations, the magazines they read, age, gender, hobbies, just about anything… you name it! 

The great thing is you can decide the results you want. For example, do you want 

  • More visitors to your web site? 
  • More Likes to your Facebook Page? 
  • More people signing up for your list? 
  • Visibility and branding?
  • To educate your market?
  • More sales? 

All of these are possible! The great thing is you can set your budget and know ahead of time the ball park of what you’ll be paying per desired result. You can also tweak and adjust your ad or your audience at any point in the process. We offer Facebook ad campaign creation, management and optimization. Optimization is important so you get the best bang for your advertising buck.

  • Reach everyone who has visited your web site recently.
  • Touch base with people on your email list through Facebook where they're more receptive.
  • Show specific posts to people who have visited your site but haven't purchased yet.
  • Show specific posts to people who have purchased specific products and services.

PR & Marketing

Consistently reach your local and national markets with newsworthy press releases submitted to media outlets. By combining press releases with educational articles and blogs, you'll leverage your message further. 

Let us help you craft your online marketing strategy and a marketing calendar to maximize visibility for your company through curated and custom content creation. 

We'll coordinate your offline press exposure with creative online marketing campaigns. Some possible newsworthy angles might include:

  • Contests
  • Holiday Promotions
  • Charitable Campaigns
  • Monthly Cause Awareness Campaigns
  • New Staff or Employee Promotions and Recognition
  • New Product and Service Announcements
  • Educational Content
  • Awards and Accolades
  • Sporting Events
  • Community Events
  • Research and Development Announcements
  • Technological Breakthroughs
  • Customer Spotlights
  • Community Service Projects
  • Customer Care and Education

or call 423-580-0093 
to set up a free 20-minute consult.