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Marnie Pehrson Marcus is best known for her ability to inspire and take her listeners on a journey of self-discovery. Her down-to-earth, Southern personality connects with an audience in a rare way. Whether she's teaching people how to build an online platform or how to co-create their lives with God, her authentic wit and wisdom will motivate and inspire all who listen.

Marnie may be contacted for book signings or speaking engagements at 706-866-2295 or via email at She is available to speak in person or via teleconferencing to civic, business and religious groups. Her topics of expertise include:

Marnie Involves Her Audience in an Engaging, Learning Experience

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"Marnie Pehrson Marcus has been a friend and colleague of mine for a long time, but I had never had the opportunity to hear her speak. That is, until I sat in the audience at the Radiant Success Event in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Her topic was, no surprise, article marketing. Of course I expected to learn a few things, after all Marnie runs one of the most well known and respected article marketing sites on the web today. But what I didn't expect, was to be delightfully entertained as well.

Marnie has a welcoming, laid-back style, that as a fellow Southerner, I appreciate. Her delivery was soothing and unrushed, and as she wove personal stories, anecdotes and experiences into her presentation I found myself not only totally engaged, but effortlessly learning the material as well.

Marnie is a natural at speaking and presenting, and I can't wait for my next opportunity to hear her!" - Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D.. Marketing Qi

"I have shared the platform with countless speakers over the last 15 years. Few have left the type of impression on me Marnie Pehrson Marcus has. 

To say Marnie Pehrson Marcus is someone who impacts her audience is an understatement. Marnie has an understated style that leaves an incredibly powerful impression on audience members. She is clear, engaging and humorous; a delightful combination.

Anyone who wants to learn from a consummate professional should be sure to attend one of Marnie's presentations. You will be glad you did." - Kathleen Gage, Power Up for ProfitsTM 

"I've not only had the rich blessing of listening to Marnie speak, but watch close-up as she prepared her messages.

This is one lady who will go the extra mile to make sure she has the best content ALONG with the passion and dedication to connect with her audience so they actually understand the material. I've seen her rework material, sculpt it exquisitely so that the listener can apply the information easily.

When you're listening to Marnie, you can't snooze. You have to interact with the material she presents, and if you're like most folks I know - you're wonderfully changed deep down by the messages." - Lisa Rae Preston

Marnie Pehrson Marcus was one of the presenters at the Radiant Success Event Conference. One is simply mesmerized when Marnie speaks for she has a story-telling style like no other that gets you connected as if you were sent back in time and have become part of the story itself. As a professional speaker, Marnie provides insightful, valuable information and shows you "How to" step by step that simplifies the process. You want to take action right away after she concludes her speech. - Coach Jane Lee

"Marnie brings clarity to any situation. She has a gift for explaining things in a way that opens new doors of understanding, and brings insight to personal experiences. She recognizes the strengths and needs of her students, and brings her message right into their hands. Her insights will change the way you handle your life, and improve the results you attain. - Jamie Bartschi, musician and music therapist.



It was my great privilege and pleasure to meet Marnie Pehrson Marcus in May, 2010 when she was a presenter at a conference I attended. I knew very little about her topic, article marketing, but was eager to learn from an expert.

Marnie did not disappoint me or the other attendees. Very quickly, it was clear that not only did she know her topic inside and out, but also that she was able to explain in an easy-to-follow way, the steps a person should take when using article marketing to build an online business.

Marnie's pleasant personality and down-to-earth approach in sharing her knowledge was a welcome addition to a conference that was jam-packed with information. I had an opportunity to spend face-to-face time with Marnie in a small group coaching session at the end of the conference, and was very pleased that she took the time to answer each person's questions about article marketing, explaining how to implement it in our own businesses. Marnie is an excellent presenter, and I look forward to another opportunity to hear her speak." - Teresa Beeman,

"Marnie's ability to clearly express herself and inspire me has helped me continue on my path of personal growth. Her Christ centered approach is especially meaningful to me." - Renae Pelo of Women Loving Life Worldwide, Light the World Retreat Attendee.