Are You Building A Following on Facebook LIVE, Facebook, etc?
Are You Having a Tough Time Translating Fans Into Buyers?


"How to Generate Consistent Cash Flow & Grow Your Business Smoothly with Online Marketing Systems"

  • Have you spent a lot of time and effort building a following, but it's not translating into sales?
  • Do you sense that you could be sabotaging your business growth?
  • Do you avoid the idea of taking on more customers or clients because you don't have clear systems in place?
  • Do you need to delegate but keep putting it off?
  • Do you need help automating, but technology confuses you?
  • Do you wish you could streamline your business so it ran more smoothly?

I see it all the time -- people with big followings, a tribe, a popular book even, but they aren't making the impact they could be. I see talented folks with innovative work that could bless millions, but they keep playing small because they don't have systems in place to handle growth.

Did you know some small and simple things could leverage all your tribe building efforts into cashflow?

I'm Marnie Marcus. I've been doing business online since 1994. I built one of the largest, most complex Web sites for matching writers and publishers -- a content directory that promoted articles, videos, and audios for experts on hundreds of subjects. My site served up 10 million page views each month and serviced 200,000 contributors.

Even with a monster site like this, I was still able to write 25 books, travel, and even take summers off. Why? Because I had automated systems in place to handle almost everything. I also had a fantastic virtual assistant I could count on.

So many people avoid growing (or even starting) a business because they equate success with not having a life. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have clear systems in place, you have more time for your family and personal interests than ever before!

In My Momentum Mastermind I bring you together with other people who are creating their systems. Together you'll have the accountability and brainstorming to create the systems you need to grow, succeed AND enjoy the lifestyle you desire.

  • Imagine reaching the millions of people you're here to reach!
  • Imagine taking vacations when you want and leaving the worries of your business behind.
  • Picture yourself with a great team, support system and automated systems in place that liberate you from the day-to-day aspects of your business so you can focus on what you do best!

Create Your Online Marketing Systems in
momentum mastermind

If you're ready to see REAL RESULTS, join my 12-week Momentum Mastermind focusing on Online Marketing Systems. In this supportive, group mentoring and mastermind environment, I help you craft a plan for systematizing your business in a way that fits your budget and then move forward with it.

Here's How It Works

We cover the following 6 subjects.

  • Creating your Product Marketing Funnel (August 30 & September 6)
  • Creating your Optin and Follow-Up Emails (September 13 & 20)
  • Creating Sales Pages That Go KaChing (September 27 & October 11)
  • Planning your Promotions and Calendaring (October 18 & 25)
  • Gathering Your Audience (November 1  & 8)
  • Facebook Advertising (November 15 & 29)

Each subject is covered over the course of 2 weeks. The first week is instruction and Q&A on the topic. The second week is a 1-on-1 LIVE Group Consulting session where you're able to bring your project and get feedback from me and the group. For example, if we're discussing sales pages, you'll be able to bring your sales page to the LIVE 1-on-1 Group Session. We'll pull your sales page up on the screen and help you fine tune your sales page.

Get answers to your questions in between sessions in the Private Facebook Momentum Mastermind Group

Whether it's a tech question, a strategy concern, or just feeling stuck, I'll bring my 27 years of online business and training experience and Certified SimplyHealedTM Energy-Moving expertise to bear on your problem. You'll blast right through it.

Anytime you're stuck, you'll also be able to ask me and the other members questions in the Private Facebook Mentoring Group.

Get Your Online Marketing Systems In Place
For Smoother Cash Flow & Sustainable Growth! 



ellen britt"I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Marnie Marcus over the last several years; first as members of the same Mastermind, then we (and several other women marketers) hosted a live event together. After that, I participated as an author in one of Marnie’s collaborative book projects, plus she has been a speaker on several of my telesummit events.

Throughout all of those experiences, Marnie has been unfailingly warm, kind, generous, giving and extremely knowledgeable…in short, an absolute pleasure to work with…but the most amazing quality Marnie has is her ability to rapidly take an idea and put it into action.

If you are looking for an incredibly smart, successful mentor to help you get your light into the world, then look no further, because Marnie’s your gal!"

Ellen Britt, Pink Coattails


Is This 12 Week Momentum Mastermind for You?

This program is for you if you are...

  • Willing to commit to attend the Momentum Mastermind meetings live. They will be recorded, but the synergy of the group is one of the things that makes this so powerful. You'll want to commit to be there as much as possible.
  • Committed to your project and seeing it through.
  • Supportive of other people and their dreams and ideas.
  • Willing to leave criticism of yourself and others at the door.
  • Looking for a safe environment to share you're ideas and willing to honor other people's ideas with the same respect you'd like to receive for yours.
  • Open to new ideas and implementing them.

Join my Momentum Mastermind Today!
1.5 Hour Sessions Held On Wednesdays
1:00pm ET / 12:00am CT / 11:00am MT / 10:00am PT
August 23 - November 29
(We'll skip September 20 and October 4 and Nov 22) 

Have Questions? Book a Free 20-minute Strategy Session to See If This Is a Fit For You

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Tuition: $149/month for 3 months
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