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"Turn Your Troubles Into Cash"

Have you traveled a rough road and learned valuable lessons from your life experiences? Do you have a story to share, some wisdom or expertise that has come out of the road you've traveled? Most likely, you have answers that other people would pay you for. Whether you want to share what you know in a book, a course, a group training, a retreat, speaking, or one-on-one, this class is for you.

Also immediately receive the recordings of 2 Power-packed Marnie's Marketing Mondays Episodes: 

Marnie Pehrson"A Holistic Approach to Marketing"

Your business is your baby. It's a barometer of your emotions. The things that are going on in your beliefs, emotions, and life are affecting your business. This episode takes a holistic approach and looks at the typical things light workers and holistic practitioners face in their businesses.

Includes an exercise for connecting your right and left brains.


"Retargeting Your Web Site Visitors with Facebook"

I'll show you how to install a Facebook pixel on your WordPress site. I'll also demonstrate how to build custom audiences inside Facebook. You'll learn how to capture site visitors (whether they fill in a form or not) so you can run Facebook ads to them later.