Marnie Pehrson has been developing Web sites and communities since 1996. Her most popular project,, was one of the longest running content directories, but is now being rebranded to IgnitePoint is a site dedicated to shifting the planet in a positive direction by showing Light Bearers how to ignite their WOW!


God wants abundance in the hands of good people who can make an impact for good in the world. Learn how to tap into heaven's abundance by Increasing Your Abundance Quotient.

Learn Marnie's "Collaborate Creation and Story Method" for creating WOW-Books fast! 

A site for Christians interested in shifting the planet in a positive direction toward less force and more freedom.

Marnie's FREE Christian Online Coaching program - Live an abundant and joyful life this year and beyond!

Showing Light-Bearers how to ignite their WOW so together we can shift the planet toward more light and freedom.

Resources for  Christians who want to make a positive impact on the world by sharing their talents and gifts.


Why struggle to sell yourself, when you can simply BE yourself? This a site Marnie co-manages with branding expert Phillip Davis of Tungsten Brand Marketing

Get a FAITH-Lift Here! Read and share your thoughts on the Savior and what He's done in your life through poetry, articles, stories, testimonies & an Annual Virtual Women's Conference.

Features excerpts and updates on Marnie's latest Southern literature.

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