Become the Confident, Capable YOU 
and Watch Your Success Soar!

If you want to be successful in life or business, you need confidence. It takes confidence to make decisions, to trust your gut, to take some of the riskier leaps that life and business require. If your confidence is shot, you hesitate, miss windows of opportunity, and remain stuck in no-win situations.

Iím sure youíve seen a small baby learning to walk. Babies have immense confidence to keep on trying in spite of repeated failure. What happens to us between the time we learn to walk and when we become less-than-confident teens or adults? 

Getting down to WHY youíve lost your confidence
is the first step in regaining it.

Marnie Pehrson,
mother of 6 and bestselling author of 24 titles, online publicist, and Certified SimplyHealedTM Practitioner

I'm Marnie Pehrson, over my last 24 years in business, I've suffered my own confidence setbacks and helped my clients through theirs. Here are the top seven confidence killers I see among my entrepreneurial clients.

1. We may lose confidence as children. If you grew up in a home that didnít foster confidence, where you were belittled or berated for your choices, you may have never developed a healthy dose of confidence.

2. We may have experienced a blow to our confidence. Job losses, business failures, changes in the economy or the marketplace can all take a toll on confidence. If you made a big decision that didnít work out, that could make you second guess yourself in the future.

3. We may have a genetic disposition to lower confidence levels. There is quite a bit of support for the concept that we carry in our cellular memories and genetic markers, not only physical characteristics but also emotional and psychological dispositions and traits. For example, if your great grandfather lost everything in the Great Depression and lost his confidence, his cellular memories could be passed down through your DNA.

4. Unhealthy relationships can undermine your confidence. Iíve seen strong decisive women marry manipulative, controlling or abusive men and lose their confidence. People who play mind games with you can make you second guess yourself and lose faith in your own intuition. Some women in these situations never make it out. Those who do, must rebuild their confidence and learn to listen to their hearts and trust themselves again.

5. Our own self-talk can undermine confidence. If we constantly tell ourselves things like, ďI donít know how. Iím no good. Iím not smart. I canít figure this out,Ē etc. we erode our confidence until it can become incredibly weak.

6. Did you know that our diets affect our confidence? Itís true. According to brain chemistry research, low Serotonin (the neurotransmitter of inner peace) can cause lower confidence levels and depression.

7. Worrying about what other people think can undermine your confidence. Everyone around you has an opinion. If you put too much stock in what other people are going to think or say, you can create a habit of constantly second guessing yourself, which erodes confidence.

If your confidence has taken a hit, please join me for this Energy Shifting Audio. We'll get to the root of those confidence issues and address them energetically. Once you're reconnected with your confidence (or connected with it for the first time ever), your life will start changing for the better. You'll see greater success in your life and business.

You'll move confidently toward your goals.
You'll step into a bold bright future, unfettered by past failures or setbacks.
The impossible will become possible as you tap into THE infinite power source.
You'll start talking to yourself like a friend by releasing negative thought patterns and replacing them with good ones.
You'll stop limiting your future possibilities by what's happened in the past or what is happening right now.
You'll have the confidence to pursue ideas and actions you never had before.

Good things will flow more effortlessly toward you because you now have the confidence to receive them.

You'll feel a peaceful confidence and hope for the future.

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